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12 11 2010

Hello po,


Im Alma Magallanes, sister of a brain cancer patient who under go brain tumor operation there in PGH..i write this message cuz i just want to ask whats the proper way telling my brother about his real condition now cuz he doesnt know the real fact that he is terminally ill.. and what are the best and right food that he should eat while he still wants to eat, cuz as of this day he doesnt eat much but as much as possible we want him to still give him food for him to have strength even a little..
Thank you and hoping for an answers to my questions.
God bless!

Sincerely yours,
Alma Magallanes

15 11 2010

It is up to the family on how you will tell about his health condition. It is best that you see his doctor for advice regarding diet and other healthcare needs at home. It depends on his condition and if he has difficulty swallowing etc.

22 11 2010


I am writing from abroad , I have someone working for me from philippine who has a tumor in the head a ” Meningioma”. She has done a CT Scan and MRI , she wishes to go and do the operation in Philippine in order to be with her family. Since I like to assist her, I really appreaciate if you let me know if this operation can be done in your hospital and approximatively how much would be the cost?
I really appreciate if you reply to me as soon as possible knowing that the sooner the operation is done , it is better.

Thanks a lot
Carole H.

22 11 2010

Cost estimates depend on a number of factors present in individual patients e.g. other medical problems, location and size of meningioma, other potential complications that may arise with both the meningioma and treatment options etc…
If they want to do it in PGH on a Charity basis, please have them consult at the PGH Outpatient Dept, Neurosurgery Clinic (Please see clinic schedules on “outpatient services” page).
They will then be advised there of possible costs of operation/ other treatment options.
(Please see FAQs page under services. See “Paano magpakonsulta…?”)

26 08 2011

Hi, I am very greatfull and thankful with the treatments and services that all the doctors and nurses are giving to my brother at the ER and on at the Trauma ward as a charity patient. My only frustration is because of the Goverment corruptions and corruptions from red tape the hospital not getting the budgets it deserves so that full services can be given to the very poor. Broken down CT Scan for one week is not acceptable and patients have to get out of the hospital to avail CT Scan. Head Trauma needs diagnostic results as soon as possible cannot wait one week or else by then patient’s situation deteriorates so much that damages cannot be repaired.

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