Adult Neurology

  • Ward 5 (15 regular beds)
  • Neurology ICU (4 charity beds)
  • Acute Stroke Unit (1 pay bed, 1 charity bed)
  • Designated Pay Stroke Beds (4 beds) – Still under construction
  • Outpatient clinics


  • Ward 6 (30 beds)
  • Neurosurgery Special Care Unit (8 beds)
  • Outpatient Clinics

Pediatric Neurology

  • Ward 11 (1o beds)
  • Transcranial Ulrasound Service
  • Outpatient Clinics

Special Service Units

  • Neurophysiology Laboratory (EEG, EMG-NCV, RNS, Evoked potentials)
  • Acute Stroke Unit – dedicated to the promotion of stroke prevention and improvement of the quality of life patients with stroke. Offers transcranial doppler studies.
  • Comprehensive Epilepsy and Sleep Disorder Unit – conducts epilepsy video monitoring, sleep EEG, polysomnograms and multiple sleep latency tests for the evaluation of epilepsy and sleep disorders.

Click here for OPD Schedules

Click here for EEG/EMG/NCV rates


80 responses

2 10 2010
donna marie laroco

hello, i’m from baguio city and my doctor advice me to undergo EMG-NCU test and i just want to inquire how much is this test?

2 10 2010

The cost depends on what exactly your doctor asked for in the request.
But usually, you should prepare around 2500.
Please call EMG NCV lab (5548400 lcal 3156) for further inquiries and for an appointment.

10 10 2010
Reggie Placido

may angioplasty ba sa pgh? how much will it cost po ba?

20 10 2010

Coronary angioplasty po ba ang ibig nyo sabihin?
Meron, c/o Cardiovascular Section of the Department of Medicine.
Kindly ask them for cost estimate.
Thank you.

19 10 2010


do you perform neucleoplasty surgery?



20 10 2010

Please also ask the Department of Orthopedics as they perform more surgeries with regards the spine.
However, since this procedure is relatively new and machine-dependent, it is likely not yet available here in PGH.
We’ll try to confirm. Thank you.

19 10 2010
agnes zaragoza

Oct. 19,2010

Five years ago. August 9,2005, my daughter, Barbara Joy, was embolized by Dr. Peter Rivera and assisted by Dr, Joel Macatula for AVM . She wasn’t able to return back after her angio in 2006…Until today that she had her check-up with dr. pete…that he said that my daugther is completely healed…
I would say dr. pete was God sent to my daughter since we really prayed for him here in Bacolod that he will be the one to do the procedure. My sincerest gratitude to dr. pete, a generous and humble neurosurgeon,generous of his time to my daugther’s predicament. My gratitude too to Dr. Encanto,, Dr. Joel Macatula, Dra. Valencia, Dr. D. Roa , dr. Gil Pavilion.dr. Sheila Lim, dr. renato carlos, dr. devilas (anesthesiologist),the doctors and staff nurses who were so kind to serve us and the rest of the patients in Ward 6.and 5. Your dedication to your chosen profession will really help a lot of people out there in PGH..My gratitude also to dr. antonetter sumugat for her assistance. To all of you, God will surely bless you more… Agnes T. Zaragoza (mother )

21 10 2010
Louis Patrick Arpilleda

Hi, do you how much is MRI, MRA and gadnolinum contrast there in PGH??

Thank you very much!!

22 10 2010

Sorry. MRA is not available in PGH.

31 10 2010
gena bacuno

gudeve! My mother-in-law was diagnosed of having Spinal Stenosis. i just want to know if how much it will cost if she undergoes an operation.. and mawawala na rin po ba ung pain na palagi nyang kino-complain after the operation?..a UST doctor told my brother-in-law na bka daw po abutin ng 400K ung operation kng sa knila..we want to canvass kng san po mas mura at the same time kng saan magagaling ung doctors..

thank u so much!

1 11 2010

A Private Pay operation is more or less the same here in PGH. However, costs vary depending on the Surgeon’s fee and the kind of hospital room – this is true for all hospitals.
If it will be done on a charity basis, then there will be no Professional Fees.
For charity clinics, please see the Neurosurgery clinic schedule. You can also consult with the Orthopedics Department.

4 11 2010

is there any laser or any kind of treatment to calcified meningioma to a 59 yr.old without doing a surgery?pls reply me back..thank you so much..

6 11 2010

It is best that you talk with your doctor about this. Management decision making depends on specific patient conditions.

13 11 2010


im a 26 year old mom, worried about my 1 yr old baby kc my bukol xa sa head nya sbi ng pedia nya he needs to undergo a MRI pra mlaman kung ano tlga yun.

ask ko kung ngpperform kau ng MRI sa pgh? and ano yung mga dapt kong gawin at kung san dpat ako mgstart please give me some idea.

thanks a lot.

15 11 2010

MRI is available in PGH.
If Charity patient, the patient has to be seen first by Pedia OPD in PGH and the doctors there will give the request for MRI. (See FAQs on how to be an OPD patient)
If Private patient, please inquire with MRI section of the Dept of Radiology for scheduling and fees.

19 11 2010

Good day sir/madam
My mother has an epilepsy after i was born, according to her, she had a head injury. after sometime the epilepsy stop for awhile, I would like her to be cured. We stopped seeing a doctor for quite sometime now. may you please help us on how to ask help as charity patient. what are the procedures and what documents we are going to bring.
Thank you so much and more power.

20 11 2010

Please see FAQs page under services. See “Paano magpakonsulta…?”

Please bring all documents and previous laboratory especially CT scan / MRI plates and EEG during your consult.

17 12 2010

recently the doctor advised my mom to undergo MRS test. how much is this in PGH? is this more expensive than MRI?

18 12 2010

Sorry. MRS is not available in PGH.

22 12 2010
Maria Cecilia Bayani

my 5 year old daughter is confined in a hospital here in batangas and initial diagnosis is to consider peripheral nerve problem probably GBS. if we’ll call and have an appointment with EMG NCV lab, after the test, can we be confined in the hospital or do we need to still fall in line and be accomodated?

23 12 2010

The EMG NCV lab is closed for the holidays.
For the next question, No. Your doctor in batangas should coordinate first with Pediatrics – ER or with Pedia-Neuro if you want to transfer.

2 01 2011
larry llanes

gud day my father (77yrs) old) has a luslos( kailangan na raw takpan ung nilalabasan ng bituka) for almost 40yrs the doctor in UDMC recommend for immediate operation but they inform me to prepare 40k, but we dont have enough cash/money… mag kano po if sa PGH gagawin ang operation and panu po ang procedure note: may PHILHEALTH/SENIOR CITIZEN CARD PO KAMI… thanks…

2 01 2011

Tingnan po ang FAQs page. Salamat.

4 01 2011

belated hapi new yr, ask ko lng po how much it will cost kung mag physical examination ang asawa ko na nagkarun na kac sya dati ng mild stroke ok na po sya ngayon but I want to make sure kung 100% na ok sya kya gusto ko mag P.E. sya wait ko po reply nyo thanks and God bless to u all

6 01 2011

Wala pong bayad ang pagkonsulta sa doktor sa Charity Patients ng PGH-Outpatient Department.
Tingnan po ang FAQs page para sa instruction ng pagpapakonsulta.

7 01 2011
Michelle Bustamante

hello good day po.. question ko lng po my niece is 2 years old baby girl na first diagnosed with hydrocephalus and na shunt insertion na po siya and we were advise that my niece has a brain tumor and needs to be operated gusto po sana namin malaman if meron po kau ma suggest na best neuro sugeon my niece is confined in ust and if kung pwede po ba i transfer sa PGH and kung magkano po ang fee. the operation will be next week and gusto po sana namin ng 2nd opinion.. please help us po

9 01 2011

Hindi po kami nagbibigay ng prices at advice sa internet. Iba iba po ang kalagayan ng pasyente at iba iba din ang mga magiging desisyon ng doktor batay sa lagay ng pasyente. Iba iba din po ang professional fees ng private doctor.
Tingnan po ang FAQs page.
Maaari po kayong tumawag sa Neurosurgery office para makuha ang contact info ng Neurosurgery consultants.
Tingnan po ang Contact Us page.

23 01 2011
Jelm Luistro

gud evening po. advisable po ba na mag-travel fr Phils to US ang isang stroke patient? although matagal na rin po sya naoperahan, since 2004 pa po. ty.

25 01 2011

Mas maganda pong humingi kayo ng “travel clearance” sa inyong doktor. May ibang airlines nanghihingi din po nito depende sa kaso.

9 02 2011
Jeffrey Hicban

how mush is the EEG??pls answer thanks!

19 02 2011

Please contact EEG lab for price, directions and scheduling. Please see ‘contact us’ page

10 02 2011
Sheila C. Soriano

I Sheila C. Soriano was operated last November, 1985 under Dr. Eric Flores for the brain tumor or I dont know the name of my operation. I want to request for my medical records. For my visa medical exam. Hope you would help me regarding on this matter. Please email me
Thank you. Hoping for your soonest reply on this matter

19 02 2011

Please get in touch with the PGH Medical Records Section.

14 02 2011
Cleophe Baltazar


Good afternoon po, me lumbar pain po ako pero until now hindi ko alam ang dahilan ng pain, i had emg & xray result and according to my rehab doctor I have fibromyalgia. Ayon naman po sa emg test ko meron daw akong naipit naugat sa left & right but dont know the exact location since hindi naman nai-explain ng doctor na pinagpa-check upan ko, confused po ako dahil dito kasi nag aalala din ako if ano ba tlaga ang dahilan ng sakit ko, me medication ako at hindi ko na rin po afford ang bumili ng mga gamot ko bukod pa sa walang kasiguraduhan at kulang sa explanation kung ano ba tlaga ang nararamdaman ko,

dahil na rin po sa kakulangan sa pera gus2 ko pong mag pa check up sa pgh sa charity dept., medyo nag alala lang po ako kasi kanina me mga nabasa ako dito sa site nyo na if maka secure ng blue card eh babalik pa ng 15days bago ma check up ulit, ayaw ko pong lumala ang sakit ko kaya hangat maari sana gus2 ko na po talagang matingnan ng doktor dyan sa pgh, bukas po ako pupunta (feb. 15) willing po akong pumila basta sana lang po matingnan ako doctor dyan sa pgh.

totoo po ba ung babalik pa ng after 15days bago makapag pa check up sa espesyalista? hihintayin ko po ang inyong sagot sa aking email. maraming salamat po at malaking tulong din itong site na ganito..

19 02 2011

As a new patient na nakakuha ng blue card, makikita din po kayo on the same day basta umabot po sa quota para sa clinic.
Walang “15 days” policy ang PGH. Ang maaaring nangyayari ay medyo matagal ang naibibigay na schedule sa mga specialty clinics kasi madami talagang nagpapatingin.
Sa Neuro, maaari kayong makita ng Neuro kung sa Neuro clinic kayo na-assign ng doktor sa Counter 1 o 5, at kung may Neuro clinic sa araw na iyon.

15 02 2011
mary ann

hello Gud day po! I am a patient had acoustic neuroma before,,but i was operated last 2006 there at PGH,my doctor advice me to undergo in MRI as my check up, much the MRI now?…thank you

19 02 2011

MRI is not part of the Neuroscience dept.
Please contact the Dept of Radiology, MRI section for this.

1 03 2011

my mom was to diagnosed to have a brain tumor and its already big,the doctor said she needs to operated as soon as possible.the memory of my mother s affected including her language and balance. The doctor said we need to have 250 thousand but we dont have that amt. We need help.

13 03 2011

Please see the clinic schedules particularly for Neurosurgery so the patient can be seen and evaluated by the Neurosurgeons. Pls see OPD schedules page

2 03 2011
Chie Pan

Good Day! I would like to ask if we have of data of number of Filipinos diagnosed of myasthenia gravis. I’m doing a research paper on this and I would like to connect to our local setting. Thank you.

13 03 2011

Off hand, this web manager does not remember any data about this.
You may contact the PNA specifically its Neuromuscular Council for data on our local setting.

12 03 2011
Lorelie Ablos

Good day i would like to thank in regards of my family to the team of Dr. Sumagat who did the operation of my son last Nov 2010 my son had Medulloblastoma GOD bLESS sana po mrami p kayong matulong n mga patient..

15 03 2011

Gd evening,nagoopera pa ba ng acoustic neuroma tumor ang pgh, at magkano kaya aabutin, may side effect po ba? tnx.

18 03 2011

Surgeries are done based on indications. If indeed the patient has acoustic neuroma then he/she should first be evaluated by a neurosurgeon.
Please see ‘FAQs page’ on how to become a PGH patient…

18 03 2011
cristina cifra

Good day. My husband is diagnosed to have cervical dystonia. I would like him to be re-assessed and have a second opinion, to which doctor/s in the field of neurology would you recommend? Hoping for your reply.

18 03 2011

Dystonia is a condition managed by neurologists.
If you want a specialist specifically for dystonia, you can consult a movement disorder specialist (a neurologist who had further training in movement disorders).
Please contact the Dept of Neurosciences and ask for a movement specialist or a dystonia specialist and they can give the clinic information.
Please see ‘contact us’ page.
Thank you.

22 03 2011
bernard carcamo

hi,,,gud day! i just wanna ask how much it will cost for my mom operation for a Spinal Cord Tumor (T11),Laminectomy ang tumor excision biopsy…

thank you and hoping for your reply…ASAP…

4 04 2011

Please see FAQs page.

3 04 2011
Fe Lim

Good morning

Is Dr. Louie Leonides Gayao, a specialist in Neuro? I noticed in your website his name is not on the list of staff of Neurosciences.

4 04 2011

He is a resident neurosurgeon. His name appears in the “residents and fellows” page

2 05 2011
Out Patient

Magandang Araw!

Naaksidente po kasi ang tatay dati at dahil dun tinanggal ung parte ng bungo niya sa harapan. Kaya pagkatapos ng balat niya, utak na yata. Sa pagkakaalam ko, maaari daw po lagyan ng metal plate o kahit anumang proteksiyon. Gusto ko lang po sana magkaroon ng idea kung magkano kaya aabutin nun. Kahit estimate lang po.

Maraming salamat!

2 05 2011

Pinakamaganda pong magpakonsulta kayo sa Neurosurgery kung pwede pang lagyan ng implant ang bungo niya at kung magkano ang metal implant at ang operasyon.
Ang isa pang option ay magpagawa ng prosthesis sa Dept of Rehab Medicine. Pwede ring doon kayo magpakonsulta. Malamang mas mura ang ganito.
(Hindi po alam ng tagasagot ng comments ang estimate)

4 05 2011
jefferson alfonso

hi..good day po..ask ko lng po kung may pedia neuro-surgeon bng available sa PGH?kc ung baby ko ay n diagnosed na may hydrocephalus..and advise samin ng doctor eh kailangan daw ma-shunt nung baby ko asap pra maprevent ung pglaki ng ulo nya.kung meron po,magkano po kya ung cost ng operation?please reply po..Thanks and God Bless po..

6 05 2011

May neurosurgeons po ang PGH. Tingnan ang FAQs page

1 06 2011

Good evening. Please let me know how much the cost for thoracic spine meningioma surgery. thanks

2 06 2011

Please see FAQs page

9 06 2011

mag 90 years old na po ako this coming July.

Kagabi nakaranas ako ng numbness sa kalahati ng katawan mula ulo hanggang paa at naginaw ako. Nagpakonsulta po ako sa doktor at kailangan daw po ako mgakapagpakuha ng test 1) MRI/MRA, 2) carotid scan at 3) doppler test.

Meron po bang ang PGH ng nasabing mga test at ano po ang kailangang dalhin bukod sa sr. citizen card?

Maraming salamat po!

11 06 2011

Ang PGH po ay may for Charity OPD at may for Private patients OPD.
Kung Charity po kayo, kailangan maging pasyente kayo ng PGH bago magawa sa inyo ang mga tests. Tingnan po ang FAQs page.
Kung sa Private OPD po kayo, pumunta po kayo sa PGH-FMAB UPMC sa Taft. May MRI at carotid scan po sila. Dalhin lang ang request at senior citizen ID. Tingnan po ang FAQs page para sa link sa website nila.

14 06 2011
ivy angeles

Hi po! Ask ko lang po kung magkano po ang Head MRI for 2 year old kid? At saan po department pupunta para magpashedule?

15 06 2011

Please contact the Dept of Radiology.

17 06 2011

Good day. May private rooms available po ba for neurological patient as of the moment? Nasa Pangasinan po kasi kami ngayon at balak ipa-transfer ang tatay ko na naka-admit ngayon sa isang private hospital dito sa probinsya papuntang pGH. Gusto Lang po sana naming maconfirm muna before transporting my dad na may bakanteng private rooms (non-charity). Last Thursday pa po siya na-admit dito and based on the first CT Scan, positive for ruptured cranial aneurysm. Pero a second CT scan (with contrast) showed negative results naman. But my dad is still suffering from severe headaches and pain behind the eyes, which are symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm, based on what I’ve read online. So he’s bedridden right now being sustained by IV and Valium (dahil sobra daw masakit)

Bukas po sana namin siya balak itransfer, so appreciate your immediate feedback. Nauubos lang po kasi ang pera namin dito sa private hospital sa province pero wala namang definite findings gusto na naman nilang ipa-Ct Scan for the 3rd time ang tatay ko dito pero di na kami pumayag at nagsabi na kaming magpapalipat na lang po

Many thanks in advance and God bless you for keeping this forum up-to-date.

20 06 2011

Please call PGH trunkline (5548400) and connect to Pay Admitting Unit for inquiries on availability of Private rooms.

3 07 2011
Arnel Furio

Meron b doctor jan s PGH ang specialty nya Neurosurgeon Spinal. ang case ko ay COMPRESSED FRACTURE D12 at sabi ng doctor kailangan ng operation. gumagawa b sila g procedure na balloon khypholasty?.

5 07 2011

Kung fracture po ng T12 vertebra ang problema maaari din po kayong magpakonsulta sa Orthopedic-Spine Surgeon.
Para sa karagdagang katanungan, maaari po kayong magpunta sa Outpatient Dept ng PGH para magpakonsulta.

16 07 2011
Michael Jordan Navarro

hello po may cerebral aneurysm po si mama ko, cno pong dr ang specialist sa case ni mama??? punta po sna kami jan sa monday all the way from pangasinan, available po ba xa and what time??? thanks

17 07 2011

Neurosurgeon at Neurologist po ang kailangan ninyo.
Naka-admit po ba ang pasyente ninyo sa Pangasinan? Kung naka-admit kasi, dapat doktor po ang mag coordinate ng pagpunta ninyo dito sa PGH.
Kung hindi naka-admit, ang sunod na tanong ay Pay patient po ba kayo o sa Charity?
Kung sa Charity, tingnan po ang FAQs page para sa instruction.
Kung as Private Patient, maaari po kayong pumunta sa PGH-FMAB-UPMC for private consultation with a Neurologist or Neurosurgeon.
Dalhin po lahat ng plaka ng scan at mga laboratory para magpakonsulta. Thank you.

22 11 2011
edwin bucay

Good day Sir/Madam,

Tanong ko lng po regarding operation ng lipoma, my daughter kc she had lipoma in her lower back, she already undergo MRI at cardinal santos ospital, and sabi ng pedia nuero nya need daw operhan to remove the fat but in a very expensive amount which is d po kaya ng kinikita ko dito sa abroad even mag epon ako sa loob ng isang taon, Mga mag kano po magagastos pag dyan sa PGH mag pa opera, she is 7 months old pa lng po. i’m woried na kc dito sa malayo, ano po ang dapat kung gawin para maka avail ako dyan sa PGH and a low cost. myron naman po ako philhealth. Thankyou.

29 11 2011

Please FAQs page on how you can consult in PGH. Sorry, we cannot give estimate amounts, it is better that the patient is examined and evaluated first.

7 12 2011
lota nuylan

hello po, nagkaroon po ako ng bells palsy and ongoing theraphy po. 50% improved na po yung face ko pero di nawawala ang headache ko since nov 15, 2011 pa. gusto ko po magpa ct scan sa pgh, magkano po ba at ano po procedure na need ko gawin including check up, what day and time po sched ng doctor, sa neuro po ba ko magcheck up?

2 01 2012

Tingnan po ang FAQs page, (paano magpakonsulta…)
Tingnan din po ang OPD schedule para sa Adult Neuro.

16 01 2012

good morning po, ang nanay ko po ay may cervical spondylosis like former president GMA. Available po ba sa PGH ang operation po na katulad kay GMA.

29 01 2012

Yes. Maaari po kayong magpatingin sa Orthopedics o sa Neurosurgery sa PGH.

5 02 2012
Katrin Monique Tuble

ask ko lng po. sa dept nyo po ba ko magpapacheck up? kasi po me scoliosis po ako… salamat..

10 02 2012

Sa Dept of Orthopedics po

15 06 2012

Good day Sir or Madam.

Nag-ooffer po ba kayo ng Stereotactic Radiosurgery (for the treatment of “left frontotemporal arteriovenous malformation”)?

Thank you very much.

8 07 2012

Wala pong SRS sa PGH.

19 06 2012

pwede po ba mag pa opera ng aneurysm sa PGH ?

8 07 2012

Yes. Please consult the clinics for further info.

26 08 2012

hi I’m Ms. Dahlia just want to ask do you have available slot for EEG training?

1 09 2012

Please contact the Dept Office for requirements. Thank you.

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