Contact us

Ward 5 Neurosciences Office

UP – Philippine General Hospital

Taft Avenue, Manila


PGH trunkline: (+632) 5548400 (connecting all departments)

  • Department of Neurosciences office: 2405
  • Neurosurgery Section office: 2463
  • Pediatric Neurology Section office: 2117
  • Pediatric Neurology Fellows’ callroom: 2117
  • Adult Neurology Section office: 2405
  • Adult Neurology Residents’ callroom: 2401
  • Neurophysio Lab (EEG, EMG, NCV, Evoked): 3156
  • Sleep Laboratory: 3285

For Private Out-Patient consultations:

  • Visit the UPMC – Faculty Medical Arts Building, PGH Compund
  • Call (+632)7080000 local 121

94 responses

12 10 2010

what is the advisable medicine for the MENINGIOMA for the 64 yrs, old lady.with the symptoms of out balance body.

20 10 2010

I’m sorry. Specific medical advice cannot be given via the internet. It is best that doctors see and examine your patient so that the most appropriate advice and medication will be given. Please see the outpatient services schedule. Thank you.

25 10 2010

I was advice to have a cranial MRI, MRA with Gandolinium contrast by Dr. Natasha Fabiana,, but De Los Santos MC suggested that i should undergo also in ear MRI,, should i stick with the request of my doctor or take the suggestion of De Los Santos MC??

thank you.

25 10 2010

It is best that you consult this with your doctor first.

3 11 2010
nerissa sunio

I would like to inquire on how my daughter could avail the service of EEG shes 7months old, Her PEDIATRICIAN advised that she must undergo this test.How much will it cost?
thank you


6 11 2010

Please call EEG lab. 5548400 local 3156
Technician on duty during office hours.

4 11 2010

My sister is advised by his doctor to take a EMG-NCU test..
We are from Laguna , Where Neurosciences Office are we going?
What is the schedule?


6 11 2010

Please call EMG lab, 5548400 local 3156, for scheduling, price and directions.
Technician on duty during office hours.

11 06 2011
yliana laforteza

sa uerm 3218.46 ang emg-ncv. after 15mins ang result.

10 11 2010

whom can i contact/email regarding residency programme there in neurosurgery.

15 11 2010

Applications for all residency programs in UP-PGH are through the Deputy Director for Health Operations. Please visit the PGH website for the contact info.

22 11 2010

My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed to have a high functioning autism. I want to have a second opinion, is there an available facilities in PGH for cases like this? Thank you very much for your assistance.

22 11 2010

The Dept of Pediatrics has a Developmental Pediatrics section.
For Charity consultation, please see FAQs page under services. See “Paano magpakonsulta…?”

2 12 2010

hi.. my daughter is have an epilepepsy.. sv ng doctor nya she needs to undergo foe crainial ct scan.. magkano po kaya un??? tnx..

5 12 2010

Please see FAQs page

8 12 2010

Can u plz give the emaling address of the training director so that i can email him regardiung residency training..

18 12 2010

I’m sorry. We do not have the email of the Deputy Director for Health Operations. Kindly see main PGH website for possible PGH Administration contact information.

26 12 2010

Hi! My sister thinks that our very young cousin ( few months old) might have cerebral palsy. Do we see the pediatrician or the neuro doctor right away? Thank you.

27 12 2010

It is best that you see a pediatric neurologist or a pediatrician.

8 01 2011

tanong lang po..pano po mag apply sa neuro dept…isa po akong EEG Technician..o may opening po ba?

9 01 2011

Sa ngayon wala pong opening ng EEG technician. Maaari po kayong tumawag sa Dept Office para sa karagdagang katanungan. Tingnan po ang ‘Contact Us’ page.

20 01 2011

Nabasa ko po na mayroon po dito ng venous duplex scan. Kailangan po kc ng tatay ko un, pra malaman kung may mga blocked syang veins. Tanong ko lang po sana kung magkno po ung fee? May contact number din po ba kayo ng Cardiovascular section? Maraming salamat po.

22 01 2011

Sorry. Hindi po readily available sa amin ang contact info ng ibang clinic/ depts etc.

24 01 2011

san po under na department yung sakit na cervical dystonia? para makapunta po ako sa schedule,

25 01 2011

Sa Neurology po

1 02 2011
nina vanessa

hi, may bukol po sa utak ang nanay ko nadetect po thru ct scan at kailangan dw po maoperahan.. ask ko lang po sana mabilis po ba ang proseso ng operation dyan sa pgh at magkano po ba ang magagastos?

maraming salamat po!

1 02 2011

Tingnan po ang FAQs page.
Kung mabilis… depende po sa kaso at kondisyon ng pasyente… libolibo din po ang pasyenteng nagpapatingin sa Neuro Charity taun-taon…

2 02 2011
renz estacio

hi! me bukol po ako sa leeg, at laging namamanhid ang ulo ko. Sabi ng doktor, sa neurologist daw ako magpatingin. Nasa magkano po ang check up at kung sakli, anong process ang gagawin?

5 02 2011

Tingnan po ang FAQs page para sa instructions ng pagpapakonsulta.
If Charity po kayo, walang bayad ang doktor. If sa Private, iba iba po ang doctor’s fess.

15 03 2011
Shiela Jornales

where do you think i should go for check up? neurologist or ear doctor or ENT? my symptoms are: ear fullness/tinnitus, right frontal head pressure (no pain) but a head ache sometimes, stiffy nose, neck pain. i suffer these for few months now. i’ve been to sinus doctors already, had medication and these keep coming back. had CT scan but only mild congestion and deviated septum diagnosed. migraine or sinus related?

15 03 2011

The ENT is the ear, nose and sinus specialist. You can go back to your doctor so he/she can explain your condition.

We do not give specific advice about any disease using the internet. It is best that you see your doctor if you have questions about your condition.
Thank you.

17 03 2011

gud day po, ni require po anak ko ng visual evoke response na test dyan sa inyo, tanung ko lang po kung ano tinitest nun sa mata lang ba po ty at magkano pa test?


18 03 2011

Ang VER o visual evoked response ay isang test na magsasabi kung may problema sa mata, nerve at parte ng utak na may kinalaman sa paningin o vision.
Please contact Neurophysio lab for price and scheduling. Pls see ‘contact us’ page…

19 03 2011
Jennifer C. Sagun

hi, ask ko po kung nakakaapekto sa pag iisip ng tao ang pag si seizure? May seizure po kasi ang kapatid ko, epillepsy na po yata ang tawag don kasi matagal na syang sakit ng kapatid ko. At pag di po sya nakakainom ng gamot ( phenobarbital gr.1) mas malakas ang seizure nya. At nagko complain sya na parang wala sya sa sarili nya. pinapa MRI po sya ng doktor nya dyan sa PGH kaso lang po wala pa kaming sapat na pera para gawin yun. Magkano po ba mag pa MRI?

4 04 2011

Please see FAQs page.

19 04 2011
Charity O. Baslot


Just wanna ask if pwede ba internal med doctor ko ipa-check up ung kapatid ko my case ng epilepsy? She’s from province kasi and nagme-maintain nlng xa ng gamot ngaun. For now, gusto ko xa ipa-check up ulit if pwede na xa hndi uminom ng gamot since hndi nman na xa sinusumpong ng epilepsy nya. Pwede naba ung internal med doctor? Salamat. Hoping for your immediate response. Godbless

21 04 2011

Expertise on epilepsy is with neurologists po kasi.
However, if you are in the province and the internal med doctor has experience managing/ treating patients with epilepsy, then it is ok.

2 05 2011
Reah Flor M. Ambas

Good afternoon po!
Gusto ko po sanang malaman kung anong araw at oras ang neurology service s PGH. Meron po akong referral galing s doctor mula sa infirmary(UPLB Health Service). At ano po ung dapat kong gawin? Salamat po!

2 05 2011

Please see OPD schedule:
Proceed to Counter 1B04 (1st floor, PGH-OPD Bldg) and ask the nurse for instructions. You will then be called and seen by a Resident Neurologist for interview and examination.
Please be early to avoid being bumped off to the next OPD day.

5 05 2011
conniemar labro

Good Morning To All Workers of PGH.
Ako po sana ay magtatanung kung magkano ang pag pa EAR CT SCAN kasi ngayun Monday na po.para nman po magawan ng paraan at mahanapan ko kung magkanu.ask ko lang po sana kung pwede lumampas kami sa araw ng lunes ksi wala pa kming pera sa ngayon.RESPONCE ASAP.


6 05 2011

Hindi po sakop ng Dept of Neurosciences ang CT scan. Basahin po ang FAQs page

30 05 2011

Hi! I noticed that my 6 months old nephew has a motor-delay development. I went to a Pedia doctor and advised us to see a Pedia Neuro which we did (but we had a hard time in setting-up the schedule because the doctor has only limited clinic hours in our province, so he is now 10months old). The Pedia Neuro told us to have the baby CT scanned – plain and contrast, as well as therapy. Will it be ok to ask for a second opinion? or is there a big chance that we will be told the same by a different doctor?thanks!

1 06 2011

Sorry, we do not give specific advice about any disease using the internet. It is best that you see your doctor if you have questions about your condition.
It is your / the family’s prerogative to take a second opinion.

11 06 2011
yliana laforteza

My husband has spinal stenosis and disc herniation which was diagnosed at a diff hosp. I only want to know how much it would cost us to have the laminectomy done in pgh for charity case.. we were told we needed to prepare 150-250K for the operation. I am a regular employee and my husband was a carpenter before he got sick and couldn’t get up anymore. He is in bed, in pain and unable to work. I need to know my opeions please. Thank you.

13 06 2011

Hindi po kami nagbibigay ng estimate ng gastos ng operasyon dito sa internet.
Pinakamabuting makausap ninyo ang inyong doktor dahil iba-iba po ang kondisyon ng pasyente kaya’t iba-iba din ang maaaring maging gastos ng pagpapa-opera.
Magp[atingin po sa PGH-Orthopedics para sa karagdagang tanong.

13 06 2011

hi! my 5 month old son has been diagnosed with nystagmus and visual maturation delay. the pedia-optha that we went to advised us to bring our son to a pedia-neuro and undergo neuro science test (goggles will be used to check while our son is sleeping.) do you have this service in pgh? we have already inquired in other hospital and its quite pricey for us. hope you can help us.

15 06 2011

Electro nystagmography po ba ang pinapagawa sa inyo? Wala po sa ngayon nito sa Neurosiences.
Please contact the Dept of Ophthalmology if they have this test.

28 07 2011

Does PGH have a neuropsychologist? We want him to see a doctor in manila. He was diagnosed as schizoprenic and experiencing psychosis in our province.

28 07 2011

Baka po Psychiatrist ang kaliangan ninyo. Tumawag po sa Dept of Psychiatry. Tingnan ang contact info nila sa PGH website.

7 08 2011

do you have local data of incidence of cranial av malformation? and outcome if they were operated. or census in pgh. thank you

8 08 2011

Please coordinate with the Neurosurgery office or the Dept of Neurosciences, so you can access the available census.
For formality, it is best if you will write a letter to the Chairperson of the Dept asking permission on this.
Thank you.

14 08 2011

Hi good pm. Ni-refer po ako ng Orthopedic sa PGH. Gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung saan department sa PGH ako dapat magpa-consult regarding sa foot drop at tendon transfer. And if ever, meron bang fee ang consultation? Thank you.

14 08 2011

PGH Department of Orthopedics.
Will you consult as a Charity patient or as a Private Pay patient?
If Charity, wala pong bayad ang consultation. If Private (i.e. sa PGH FMAB), may Professional fee po ang consultation.
Tingnan po ang FAQs page kung paano magpakonsulta….

26 08 2011

hello po. 🙂 magiinquire lang po sana ako if makakatulong po ba saken ang PGH Department of neurosciences sa investigatory project ko. tungkol po kase sya sa stroke. at naghahanap po ako ng facilities na makakapagcater ng testing and experimentation ng research ko. thank you po. 😀

27 08 2011

Please write formally to the Dept of Neurosciences Chairperson about your intent and please append the letter with details about your research. Thank you.

24 09 2011
Rhian Miles Garcia

hi. Im jackelyn garcia. need ng daughther ko na mag pa ct scan. she’ just 2 yrs old. she had seizures. we’re done with eeg pero masyadong mahal ang ct scan sa mga private hospital. pwede ba kaming magpatest sa inyo? do we still need to get request sa nuero ng baby ko or pwedeng mag patingin na lang kami sa opd nyo and at the same time mag patest sa lab? and how mush nga pala?

5 10 2011

Kailangan po ay pasyente kayo ng PGH para makakuha ng discounted rates para sa anumang tests sa PGH. Tingnan po ang FAQs page para instructions ng pagpapakonsulta.

11 10 2011

Saang department po under yung tungkol sa goiter? Tnx.

16 10 2011

Department of Medicine, Section of Endocrinology po ang maaaring tumingin sa inyo. Hindi po namin alam price ng TSH

20 10 2011

If magpapa second opionion from an adult neuro, what are the requirements? Do we need to bring all the test results from the previous doctor? Thank you.

21 10 2011

Please bring ALL previous tests done including the plates of CT or MRI (if done).

25 10 2011
Julie Ann Angeles Villate

Hi, my sister( Donna Angeles) had her operation there July of 2008 under the care of Dr. Malou Gutierrez and Dr. Raymund Gagwis and was diagnosed with Meningioma. We forgot to retrieve her results/plates (MRI, CT Scan pre and post-ops) is there a chance to we can get it pa?? I think it was endorsed to Dra. Florendo by Dr. Gagwis after her 2nd operation May of 2009. We’re done with my sister’s radiation therapy and the radiologists advised her to consult with Dr. Legaspi of PGH. And one thing pa po would you know Dr. Legaspi’s number sa clinic nya po in front of PGH?… Thank you so much for coming up with this one…

25 10 2011

1. Charity MRI and CT plates are kept in PGH Radiology Dept. Hindi po talaga siya pinapauwi sa pasyente. Baka po nandun yung plaka nyo.
2. Please Call Neurosurgery Office para makakuha po ng schedule ng clinic ni Dr. Legaspi.
Thank you.

26 10 2011
Julie Ann Angeles Villate

Noted.. Thanks..God Bless you All… 🙂

25 10 2011

good day po
tanong ko po ung schedule, kc po ung anak ko po may convulsion/epilepsy.
thanks po and more power

25 10 2011

Tingnan po ang “Services>OPD Schedule” page…

25 10 2011


bale saan po ba siya under, 14 years old na po siya, sa

Epilepsy Clinic (Adult) or
General Pediatric Neurology

thanks po.

26 10 2011

Pedia Neurology 18 years old and below po
Adult Neurology 19 years old and above

29 11 2011

hi, ask ko lang po kung nagcoconduct kau ng neuro – psychiatric exam for government kelan po ang schedule ng exam at kelan makukuha ung results..under the govt po ba ang department of medical Arts?thnx!

16 03 2012

The Dept of Neurosciences does not conduct Psych exam.

5 12 2011
Edith David

Hi, my husband has been referred to Dr. Mina Astejada. May I know her schedule please? Does she have a telephone number in the clinic I can call? Thank you.

2 01 2012

Kindly call the Dept of Neurosciences office (5548462), the secretary has a list of clinic schedules for our consultants. Thank you

12 01 2012
Annie A. Ong

Na-mild stroke po ang mother ko 8 years ago na, before paa lang nya ang manhid pero sa ngayon umaakyat na po yun pamamanhid sa ktawan nya. Marami na po kaming doktor na pinuntahan at mostly sa heart problem lang po sila nkatutok at di nman po nasasagot yun pamamanhid ng paa nya. Ang tanong ko po saan po kami pwedeng magpa-consult para sa pamamanhid at pangingirot ng paa ng mother ko. Please help us dahil di po namin kayang private doktor, thanks and God Bless….

29 01 2012

Pumunta po sa OPD para magpacheck-up. Tingnan po ang FAQs page.

23 01 2012

helo po nastroke ung anak ko. gusto ko sana mag 2nd opinion can u give me a good pediatric neuro in pgh and wats d sked for check up.tnx

29 01 2012

Dr Marilyn Tan is the Pediatric Stroke specialist in PGH. Kindly call the Pedia Neuro office for her clinic schedule or call the FMAB clinics trunkline 7080000 for appointment to the Pediatric Neurology clinic.

24 01 2012
zairene v. pineda

tanong ko lang po kung may MRI service din po ba sa PGH?
Tnx so much

29 01 2012

Under maintenance po sa ngayon.

20 02 2012
Yolanda V. Manalo

May I know if the PGH performs the coling of aneurysm. My latest CTA was done on Feb 2, 2012 in Capitol Med. center and measures 6×4 mm. I just would like to know how will it cost if i avail the charity or a payward. Thank you.

16 03 2012

For Private Consultation: please contact the Neurosurgery section office and get the clinic details of the consultant neurosurgeons.
For Charity Consult: please see FAQs page on how to become a PGH patient.

27 02 2012
Thelma Almero

ngkaroon po ng ab mulfunction yong pinsan ko, 18 yrs old lang po sya. Nasa ICU po sya at kelangan ma angiogram deretso operasyon n daw po ang gusto ng doktor. May problemang pinasyal dn kc ang pamilya kaya d kaagad makapag desisyon ang kanyang mga magulang. Ask k lang sana po kung mga magkano angiograph sa PGH kahit estimate lang po para po mpagtulong tulungan nmin at mgawan ng paraan. Marami pong slamat.

16 03 2012

The 4 Vessel angiogram (Charity price) is around P17,000 to 20,000.

29 02 2012

i need to ocnsult a neurologist for my seizure disorder. how much is the fee?

16 03 2012

As a private patient? Different neurologists have different professional fees.
If as charity patient, professional fees are free.
Please see FAQs page.

5 03 2012
DK (@OnAWeeGreenBoat)

Good afternoon. Been calling your EMG-NCV lab at local 2402 but no response. What’s your available schedule po? Also want to inquire cost of EMG-NCV for all limbs and set an appointment as soon as possible. Thanks.

16 03 2012

Please see webpage on rates in this website. The local of the EMG-NCV lab is 3156. Thank you.

3 04 2012

good afternoon po. Ask ko lang po pano mag pa sched for EEG for my son,1 yr. old. Taga Subic po kami. Thanks

3 04 2012

Please call the Sleep Laboratory for scheduling (02)5216973

25 05 2012
Leila G. Caalim

hello po, leila caaim po ito ng isabela just want to ask if mr. gap is mr. gerardo legaspi? need to set an appointment with him the soonest po sana any contact number po?

8 07 2012

Please contact the Neurosurgery office. (See ‘contact us’ page)

24 07 2012
sheryl agustin

Hi po, question po kase nephew ko has cerebral avm, meron po bang gamma- knife surgery sa pgh, kung meron po pwde po ba macover ito ng charity? At ano pong number ang pwde nmen twgan para makapag tanong tungkol dito? Thank you po

1 09 2012

Wala pong gamma knife sa PGH

24 08 2012
sarah custodio

good day, my cousin was diagnosed with severe chronic myopathy and was referred by Dr. Duque a neurologist here in nueva ecija to Dr. Carlos Chua to undergo biopsy. may i know how much will it cost and how long? thank you

1 09 2012

Please contact the Dept Office to get the clinic schedule of Dr Carlos Chua or Dr. Mina Astejada. The biopsy is an outpatient procedure i.e. the patient may go home a few hours after the biopsy.

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