The section of Adult Neurology offers a four-year residency training program for M.D.s seeking specialization in adult neurology.  This is a straight program – fresh MDs or those with residency training in IM (or other fields, with or without diplomate exams) can apply.

One-year fellowship training are also offered in Stroke, EEG / Epilepsy and Neurophysiology.

The section of Neurosurgery offers a six-year residency training program for M.D.s seeking specialization in neurosurgery.  This is also a straight program – fresh MDs can apply.  Graduates of General Surgery will have 5 years of Neurosurgery training.

The section of Pediatric Neurology offers a three-year fellowship training program in Child Neurology for graduates of pediatrics or neurology residency training programs.

Applying for residency or fellowship?

  • Please contact the Office of the Deputy Director for Health Operations (PGH trunkline 5548400)
  • Application period is usually from June to August of every year. Please contact the DDHO for this year’s deadline.
  • You may also contact the department office and the specific section for further inquiries

Training courses are available also for medical technologists seeking special skills for electroencephalography or other electrophysiology studies (EMG-NCV, evoked potentials).

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25 08 2010

our section, ped neuro, offers 3year fellowship training program…

26 08 2010

thanks. site updated.

19 09 2010
Leo Manuel

what are the grades that i have to achieve during med school and the medical board exams?

19 09 2010

It is an advantage if you have a high class ranking or if with academic honors during med school and internship.
You should pass the medical boards.

1 10 2010
jill diaz

are there no training offered for nurses coz i want to train and specialize in neurosurg n neuro. thanks

2 10 2010

Nursing services are under the Deputy Director for Nursing.
Please call PGH trunkline and connect to the Deputy Director for Nursing office for inquiries.

2 10 2010
shashi sharma rijal

good day!
what are the criteria for foreign students to apply for adult neurology or paediatric neurology?

2 10 2010

You may contact the PGH Deputy Director for Health Operations for queries regarding possible observership.
For residency training, you may have to ask first the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) of the Philippines about medical practice in the country. (

5 10 2010
jhun badilla

Good day!
Is the application for your residency program still open?

Thank you very much!

5 10 2010

Sorry, the application period is usually on the last week of August.

26 12 2010

regarding po sa residency training, straight program po ba ito? panu po ang rotations/posts ng residents per year level? (ex. 24h duties and opd, etc..)
thanks so much!

27 12 2010

PGH adult neurology and neurosurgery residency training are both straight programs. Pedia neuro requires previous training either in adult neuro or in pediatrics.
All activities will be done during each year of training – OPD. In-patients. 24 hour duties. Learning activities. Reports. Research. Grand rounds. Exams. Oral exams. Etc.
Rotations in diagnostics, IM and other departments are on different year levels.

28 12 2010

thanks doc. how about sa 24h duty wud it be every 3 days? once a year lang po ba ang application for residency? anu2 po requirements (entrance exams, forms to fill-up, etc…)? 🙂

28 12 2010

Yes 24 hour duties would most likely be every 3 days, plus office hour times.
Please visit the PGH Deputy Director for Health Operations for inquiries on applications. Application period is usually June to August of every year.

28 12 2010

thanks so much. advance happy new year!

22 01 2011

how many neurosurgery residents do you accept? 🙂 hope to hear from you soon thank u 🙂

23 01 2011

2 per year level. Application period is usually June to August each year. Contact the Deputy Director for Health Operations regarding the schedule. Thanks.

1 05 2011
chet manansala

I would like to know: Is your training for electrophysiological studies exclusively for medical technologists? Would you accept trainees from other fields (ie. physical therapy, nursing)? How long is your training program and what are your requirements? Thanks!

2 05 2011

There are training programs in PT/OT, nursing, RadTech etc in PGH. The Dept of Neurosciences does not have direct administrative control on these though.
Please contact the respective Office e.g. Nursing Office, Dept of Rehab Med (for PT/OT) and Dept of Radio (for RadTech).
If however, you are a RPT/ROT/RN and you want to be a an EEG or EMGNCV technician, please contact the EMG lab for inquiries and look for the EMG or EEG technician on duty.

15 05 2011

im a diplomate in internal medicine can i apply for fellowship training in stroke? thanks

18 05 2011

Fellowship training in Stroke needs a previous training/ board certification in Neurology.
We’re not sure if this is also the case in institutions abroad.

20 05 2011

hi, im interested on your neurology training program. im from the visayas and id like to ask if a diplomate board exam from IM is required for the application? thanks!

23 05 2011

Neurology training in UP-PGH is a straight program, both fresh grads and those who already trained in IM (or other specialties) can apply.

31 05 2011

how much is the salary of a resident and are there benefits and leaves?

1 06 2011

PGH residents have a position of Medical Officer III (Salary Grade 21, Civil Service).
Standard government benefits and leaves apply.

13 08 2011

gud day. Im a doctor currently working in a government hospital. would you accept a lateral entry slot for a training in neurology? Is there an age limit?

13 08 2011

To go into neurology training you can apply anytime e.g. after IM training or after med school. There is no age limit. MO III in PGH also receive PhilHealth benefits.
Please contact the Deputy Director for Health Operations for procedures and requirements.

27 08 2011

Hi im just curious.. How many applicants do you get for neurology and neurosurgery per year? And how many do you accept? Thank you

27 08 2011

The number of applicants vary from around 15 to 25 each for neurology and neurosurgery.
The Dept accepts 4 per year for adult neurology and 2 for neurosurgery.

28 08 2011

wow thats alot! last question: is that mostly UPCM graduates? or from different medical schools? do you give priority to UPCM grads? sorry im just really interested thank you again

29 08 2011

Applicants come from various med schools. They are evaluated based on different parameters e.g. academic standing, exam, pre-residency etc.

20 11 2011

I’d like to know ithe requirements for pedia neuro (PPS exam,etc) before appliyng for pedia neuro. Do you also have neuro-developmental training program. Thanks!

29 11 2011

The Dept of Pediatrics has a Developmental Pediatrics Section.
For Pedia Neuro, kindly call their office for the specific requirements.
5548400 local 2117

4 12 2011

May fellowship programs for neurosurgery?

2 01 2012

At present, there are no fellowship programs for neurosurgery.

7 01 2012
dr anand diwan india

i am interested in ped neurology fellowship.

29 01 2012

At present, the UP Philippine General Hospital accepts Filipino citizens only, for training. However, observerships can be arranged with foreign dcotors. Thank you

25 02 2012
Paolo legaspi

When is the start of preresidency training for neurosurgery? How many are accepted? Are there mid year acceptance? Thank you.

16 03 2012

Neurosurgery pre-residency is usually around September.
There are 2 slots per year for Neurosurgery.
We do not accept residents in the middle of the year.

7 03 2012
Andrew O. Deopante

June to August is the submission of application letter and requirements. How about the start of pre-residency and residency? Thanks

16 03 2012

Pre-Residency starts usually September in Neurology and Neurosurgery. All accepted residents officially start January 1, though some departments require incoming residents to start earlier e.g. around December 15 in Neurology.

3 04 2012
Von Andre Medina

What are the qualifications for neurology residency training program? When can i apply?

3 04 2012

Application period is usually from June to August of every year. Please contact the PGH Health Operation’s Office for this year’s deadline and other requirements. There are no specific requirements for the Neuro program.

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