The Department of Neurosciences is one of the youngest departments of the UP College of Medicine and the Philippine General Hospital. Initially a section of the Department of Medicine, it achieved autonomy in September 30, 1999, under the leadership of Dr. Martesio Perez who was its first chair. Its creation was a response to the growing need of specialized care directed towards neurologic patients. It consists of the Sections of Adult Neurology, Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Many graduates of its training program have spread out to different regions to practice. Some have become involved in socio-civic activities in their own communities, and have held key positions in various institutions, as well as local and national organizations. Many have also pursued subspecialty training abroad, in the fields of stroke, epilepsy, genetics, toxicology, neuro-oncology, dementia and movement, and have returned to be part of the academe, to teach and train students and aspiring neurologists and neurosurgeons.

The department continues to be a provider of excellent neurologic care to our less fortunate countrymen offering regular in patient services, specialty clinics and neuro-diagnostic tests to address the needs of the clientèle.




Training Programs


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