Neuro and NSS Residency Applicants

1 09 2012

Schedule of Activities:

Sept 3:  Epilepsy Lay Forum,  Buenafe Hall, UP College of Medicine, 8am-12nn

Sept 5: Epilepsy Scientific Symposium for MDs, Buenafe Hall, UP College of Medicine, 8am-12nn

Sept 7: Pre-Residency Exam, Paz Mendoza Bldg UPCM, 1st floor, 9am-12nn

– Adult Neurology and NSS applicants

– NSS aplicants will have an additional exam in the afternoon

Sept 8 onwards:  Start of Pre-Residency duties for Adult Neurology applicants

– 2 weeks per batch

Oct 10: tentative Interview for Adult Neurology applicants




3 responses

27 08 2015
Alvin Chester P. Señir

Good day! I recently passed the PLE and I am very much interested in applying for Neurosurgery. it has been my dream since deciding to pursue Medicine. I am a graduate of San Beda College by the way, and my batchmates who went for internship in PGH says that the program is really good. I just want to inquire, is the program a straight program or do I still have to have 1 or 2 years of GS experience outside of the program as a pre requisite? Is there a Grade/ranking cut-off for one to be considered? How many NSS residents are accepted? And how long is the pre-res period for NSS, is it the same as stated for Adult Neurology applicants? My schedule for registration in PRC is on the same date ma’am (Sept. 7) is there anyway or other date I could take the said exam?

Sorry for the one too many queries… Im still at a state of euphoria after passing the PLE. Even sending this query already feels like a dream come true, but I do understand that deadlines are made to be met.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you very much po!

28 08 2015
UP-PGH Department of Neurosciences

Hi! NSS in PGH is a straight program. No need for GS experience. The program usually accept 2 residents per year but there are exceptions. No news for how long the pre res is going to be for NSS yet. Nope different schedules are followed for NSS and Adult Neuro pre residency. No grade cut offs for applying but it is a very competitive program to get into and stay in. You will be allowed to register.

28 08 2015
UP-PGH Department of Neurosciences

Also please see our latest post regarding Pre residency activities. This post is quite old.

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