Neonatal Neurology:

8 07 2011

Simplifying the Subspecialty (NNSS)


July 28- 29, 2011

8:00am onwards

UP – Philippine General Hospital  UPMASA Science Hall


This year’s post graduate course we will be focusing on neurologic conditions affecting the newborn and neonate which include congenital conditions such as inborn errors of metabolism and congenital malformations, as well as acquired conditions such as birth trauma, strokes and infections of the central nervous system. We will be reviewing the anatomy and physiology of the neonatal brain and explain what makes the neonate “special”.

In addition, there will be a half day skills training workshop on the performance of the neurological examination in the neonate and interpretation of cranial ultrasound, brain scans and MRI.
PPS 16.5 units PAFP 8 units PMA to follow


For INQUIRIES:  5548400  local  2107/ 2117

look for Ms Marian Gine


UP PGH Department of Neurosciences

Section of Pediatric Neurology




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